4 Feb 2008

week five (jan 29 - feb 04)

In the Cage of Ghosts: 1500words of notes on some of this short story's finer points. I'm starting to think I'm over-preparing, but I'm going to go along with it for now…

The Ballerina, the Boy, and the Thing in the Water: 400words of what is without a shadow of a doubt the hardest chapter to write so far. Why? I'm way too close to the subject matter.

And on a pessimistic note (though is it pessimism if you're convinced – okay, almost convinced – something will come to pass?):
Do you ever get that dark cloud feeling? You know, a sense of impending bad news rooted so deep in the pit of your stomach it feels more akin to premonition than gut instinct? That's how I've been feeling this week, like I'm standing in line for some metaphorical beheading. I hope I'm wrong. God, I hope I'm wrong. Fuel to the fire - I wrote the following this week:

How quickly everything went topsy-turvy. My face flushed from the absurdity of it all. My fingers curled into tight fists in my pockets, nails pressing half-moons into my palms, and I thought with a dreadful certainty: I have to put a stop to this.
But how?

Hm, spooky. Or not. Time will tell.

2 submissions: Postcards From Hell, Ninth Letter
1 rejection: Triangulation

Currently reading: Ghost Road Blues by Jonathan Maberry
Recently watched: The Station Agent (***1/2), Million Dollar Baby (***1/2)
Current iPod favourite: audiobook of It by Stephen King

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