19 Feb 2008

week seven (feb 12 - 18)

This week wasn't so much an ebb as a continuation of the 2008 drought as I failed to make time for the first draft of In the Cage of Ghosts, which sits ready and waiting for me to begin. On the novel front, I managed 620words of chapter six, the chapter from HELL, but it's not enough and definitely way below target, though it appears I have jumped one whole percentage point toward the project's completion. Great things, huh?

Next week should be about better time management, which will entail watching fewer DVDs (a major weakness of mine, I admit), reading fewer books (I read Steve Martin's Born Standing Up in one sitting on Sunday, which isn't a bad thing except I should have been writing), and perhaps, I dunno, sitting down at a PC and tapping out a few words, maybe even a couple of sentences, who knows? But let's not push it, right?

I hope your week was more productive than mine. Actually, maybe I don't...

1 submission: GUD Magazine
2 rejections: Big Ole Face Full of Monster, Not One of Us

Currently reading: Duma Key by Stephen King, Dead Sea by Brian Keene
Recently watched: Superbad (***1/2), King of Queens: Season 6 (****), 1408 (***1/2), Hard Candy (***)
Current iPod favourite: nothing - instead, Mr Brian Keene has been keeping me company on my trips to and from work.

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