28 Jan 2009

(Going Going) GONE

This year's special publication from Not One of Us, (Going Going) GONE, featuring my short story, In the Cage with Ghosts is available now from Genre Mall (scroll down).

Patricia Russo: Claude’s Ghost Story
Eric Del Carlo: That Season
J. Michael Shell: Too Cute
Steven J. Dines: In the Cage with Ghosts

J.C. Runolfson: Kumiho
Sonya Taaffe: The Golem in Flight
Sonya Taaffe: The Road to Volodny (Partisan Song)
K.S. Hardy: Shy in the Sky

Art: John Stanton (cover), Aunia Kahn


Catherine J Gardner said...


Ian said...

Nice one Steven. Another line on the cv, as an actor friend used to say.

Brian G Ross said...

Well done man.

Another hit I wanted.


Steven J. Dines said...

Thanks, folks.