4 Feb 2009

Day 2 of 3...

Day two I spent working on the first draft of a new science fiction short story, which has the working title of Clean Until the Final Act.

It's a strange and complex tale about a rest home android who witnesses the death of a resident under her care, Joe (also known as Triggerman Joe), a retired gun-for-hire or shooter. She starts hearing his voice. She becomes convinced that his is the voice of God, that Triggerman Joe is God...and so on. Like I said, strange and complex! 730 words of polished first draft complete so far and about twice that in notes, scene extracts, dialogue snippets, etc.


Catherine J Gardner said...

Sounds good, and I actually like the working title.

Steven J. Dines said...

Hi Catherine,

I'm hoping the title will stay, but sometimes you can't predict how things will turn out - no matter how much planning you do!