21 Feb 2009

On The Radio...

...community radio in Burbank, California to be precise.

Pulp fiction podcast site Well Told Tales have a small weekly radio show now, and tonight they're broadcasting the podcast of my supernatural short story, Hear Not the Murmur on the Wind. So, if you're free and looking for something to do on Saturday night around 9pm Pacific Time, why not head on over to 925kyhy and listen to the Internet feed...

Australian author Kris Ashton has this to say about my tale:

Finding a new angle in a ghost story is nigh on impossible, but Steven J. Dines has done it. It's a complex and sometimes confusing narrative (as the comments on the WTT site show) but if you follow it through the pay-off is intense.

Kris has a story called "The Pothole" coming soon to Well Told Tales. Check it out!


Brian G Ross said...

That's a great little bonus to the publication. Any publicity and all that jazz... :o)

Some nice word there too. Kris is right - the ghost tale is a tough one to pull off.

Keep 'em comin'!

Rich said...

I got an Ipod Shuffle for my birthday and I'm gonna see if I can get this story on it.

Well done Steven, surely you must be ready to write a frickin' novel. You can't do shorts for ever!


Steven J. Dines said...

Art, I'm 36k words into my latest attempt at The Novel, though I have to admit I've been lax in recent months.