6 Sep 2010

A break, then back to business

On Wednesday morning my wife and I are heading for Disney World, Florida. Our recent good news would have changed our plans had we known sooner, but we’ve already cancelled the trip twice and doing so again this late in the day would cost us a considerable amount of money; so we’re going. It’s partly a break, partly a celebration: the first draft of the novel; our three year wedding anniversary (we got married in Disney so it has special significance); and, of course, the news of our little one. Two-and-a-half-weeks of sunshine and relaxation, good food and good times, looking back (a little), looking forward (a lot). Upon our return I’ll post a picture or four, but then it’s back to business. The business of books and babies. Preparing to send one out, preparing to welcome the other in.


Rich said...

Sounds awesome. The in-laws just got back from there.

Have to say, I never had you pegged as a Disney kinda guy ;)

Hope your well.


Steven J. Dines said...

Me either, Rich.

(So you know - I haven't forgotten to reply to your last email. I AM getting around to it.)