1 Apr 2007

Lionel Richie

Last night, Cass and I went to see Lionel Richie in concert at the Press & Journal Arena here in Aberdeen. Our third row tickets were a staggering £75 EACH, but I've never been a fan of sitting in the cheap seats with a poor view and watching most of the performance on a giant vid-screen. Furthermore, Aberdeen doesn't usually attract BIG names (though Pink played here not so long ago), so I suppose if I took into account the train fare and hotel costs for an overnight stay in, say, Glasgow or Edinburgh, the cost of seeing Richie in Aberdeen wasn't that steep. So, it was a fantastic show (besides being a great singer, Richie is also a very funny man) in which all the classics were covered alongside a smattering of new songs. To cap a great night out, Cass and I went home and watched a couple of episodes of the original Twilight Zone series before dragging ourselves off to bed!

Here are a couple of pics from my mobile phone:

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M.E Ellis said...

Is he itching his bum in the top pic?



Steven J Dines said...

Lol, now you mention it...

Whatever it is he's found he's showing it to the crowd in the second pic...