9 Jul 2007

GUD Magazine #1, Ibbetson Street Press Review

The second issue of Greatest Uncommon Denominator has picked up an early review from Ibbetson Street Press. Here is what they had to say about my contribution, Unzipped :

"I also grimaced when, at the end of Steve Dines’ “Unzipped” the Iraq War Vet loses his shit completely and smashes a mirror into the face of his well-meaning, stand-by-your-man girlfriend. I got the gritty sarcasm and post traumatic stress disordered telling of Humpty Dumpty dismantled and tortured which he read to his five year old. Again, though, it’s just the violence so exquisitely and bloodlessly drawn that kind of shakes me up these days. I appreciated the long interior monologue which the avenging vet had leading up to his final moments in a park going pervert on a kid as his woman lay in a hospital bed all scarred up. That’s the War. And that is, I’m sure, no exaggeration in some cases. It’s haunting and reflective of how military violence really does warp a soldier’s psyche."

To read the full review click HERE

Also, the good people over at GUD Magazine are offering the first two issues in PDF format for just $1 dollar each. This offer is open for one week only (July 6th - 13th), so hurry across there and take advantage now!

GUD Magazine


Anonymous said...

Well, that IS a good review- and I think I shall get myself a copy. Good to see you're doing will Steve, and pop round to my blog some day - be good to see your face there.


Anonymous said...

You are now linked in - good to be back in touch!!