19 Oct 2007

GUD Magazine #1, The Fix Review & 'The Beautiful Game' Podcast at Well Told Tales

GUD Magazine #1 has picked up yet another review over at The Fix. I dispute what the reviewer, Andrew Hook, has to say about Unzipped (well I would, wouldn't I?) but the magazine is getting some great exposure, so I'll just take it on the chin...

"Unzipped" by Steven J. Dines is another story which potentially has great aspirations for pathos. However, I found the message too heavy-handed—even if it is necessary and urgent for our times. An Iraqi war veteran finds it impossible to reintegrate into civilian life, but the ending is much too tidy. Can salvation from a pivotal moment in life really be found within a second pivotal moment? I don’t think so.

Elsewhere, my short story, The Beautiful Game, is now up at the pulp-fiction podcast site Well Told Tales as a streaming download or downloadable mp3 file. If you can spare 21mins of your time then please head on over there and listen, leaving a comment or rating when you're done. Personally, I'm pleased with the result and hope to appear on WTT again in the future. A big thank you to the Well Told Tales team.

That's all the news for now, folks. I spent a couple of evenings this week submitting stories for publication, so I hope to return with more good news very soon.

Hope you are well.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew Hook. We don't like him. But still it's his point of view even if it's a wrong one.....