7 Oct 2007

GUD Magazine #1, Mallory Review

I found a less positive review of GUD Magazine #1 today on F.R.R. Mallory's blog. The reviewer had this to say about my contribution, Unzipped:

This story does a good job on delivering the inner experience of post-traumatic stress although the way it elects to achieve this makes the protagonist distant and very hard to empathize with. Anticipating that this story behavior was intentional this becomes a bit of nonconsensual masochistic massage – as a reader you keep reading not because you are enjoying the story but because you are hoping the story doesn’t dirty itself on the page. This is well written and a story I would have tossed back.

That final sentence seems contadictory, but at least the magazine and my story are being read.

To read the review (Parts 1 & 2 of 3, so far) click HERE

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