1 Jan 2008

2007 - The Short Fiction Numbers

For all you statisticians out there, this is my breakdown of the last twelve months in terms of short fiction written, submitted, accepted, and actually published…

1 novelette
7 short stories
10 flashes
Total – 30,700 words (approx.)

143 submissions
16 acceptances
129 rejections
19 no response or withdrawn
3 no placings (comps)
11 publications

The 16 acceptances consisted of:
1 Pro
2 Semi Pro
9 Paying (2 of which were cancelled)
4 Non-paying

The 11 publications consisted of:
1 Pro
1 Semi Pro
6 Paying
3 Non-paying

3 were print, 8 web-based (incl. 2 podcasts).

And so there you have it. Generally, the numbers are down on previous years (with the exception of writing output, which is double that of 2006) but in ’07 I tried to be a little more sensible and selective with my submissions while also targeting some of the tough big markets. This year I will adopt a different strategy again, based on some of the lessons I have learned in 2007 and, hopefully, the fruits will be bigger, sweeter, and altogether more satisfying.

All the best for this New Year, folks.

And as someone whom I greatly admire recently told me…


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