26 Jan 2008

week three (jan 15 - 21)

Finally found the time and opportunity to clear some writing backlog this week, namely the proofs of All for One and Sunrise in Coat City for Satirica and TQR's Best Of anthology respectively.

Hopefully I can now kickstart '08 by getting down to some serious work on In the Cage of Ghosts and my dark literary novel The Ballerina, the Boy, and the Thing in the Water (working title). With so much demands for my time and attention right now (like selling stuff online and clearing out eight years worth of accumulated crap from my two-bedroom flat so my wife and I can decorate, sell up, and move) it's going to be tough to find some uninterrupted writing time, but that is where self-discipline and strong coffee come into play.

1 submission: GUD Magazine
5 rejections: Ninth Letter, Read By Dawn - congrats, BGR ;), Stickman Review, GUD, & Quick Fiction

Currently reading: Ghost Road Blues, Jonathan Maberry (SK's Duma Key is on the way...)
Recently watched: Capote (***), Before Sunrise (****)
Current iPod favourite: Lately, Stevie Wonder


JonathanMaberry said...

Steven...I hope you enjoy reading GHOST ROAD BLUES. It's the lead book of my Pine Deep Trilogy, and the final installment, BAD MOON RISING will be out in May.

Happy reading!

Steven J Dines said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Jonathan. Enjoying 'Ghost Road Blues' so far (page 194). Be sure to come back later and check out my short review!

Thanks again.