19 Jan 2008

week two (jan 8 - 14)

Life got in the way this week. There always seemed to be something else that needed doing, so my writing time was restricted to half-hour lunch breaks minus any ill-timed phone calls or co-worker visits. I wrestled with a single paragraph the entire week!

2 submissions: Outercast, GUD Magazine
2 rejections: Flash Fiction Online

This week my wife and I discovered US television show Prison Break. I love sitting down to watch a DVD with little or no expectation and for it to completely blow me away. Rescue Me did that to me last year, though by the end of Season 3 it seemed to be floundering somewhat. The box set cover for Prison Break had me bracing for something like The OC does Shawshank Redemption. I was wrong. Prison Break has everything: brilliant plotting, a solid ensemble cast, action, suspense, and more twists than a Rubik's Cube. Can't wait to get my eyes on Season Two...

"Prison Break"

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