22 Aug 2008


Hardcover anthology, Satirica: An Anthology of Satirical Speculative Fiction, can now be Pre-Ordered from Cowboy Logic Press and should be available soon from Amazon.

For your money you will be getting 110,000 words or 24 stories from the likes of David Thorpe (author of Hybrids ), the ever-prolific Lawrence R. Dagstine, and yours truly.

My contribution, All For One, was previously published in the now-defunct Darker Matter (#2) and received the following review from SF Crowsnest:

...a futuristic outlook of Britain where things haven't gone entirely to plan and something approaching a police state exists. Prime Minister Greengrass is in charge of this political satire which is somewhere between 'Yes, Minister' and 'Children Of Men'. A story and an author to look out for.

In other news...despite making the shortlist, Manny Prior's Halloween was turned down by GUD Magazine, though the editor of issue 4 said it was "nicely twisty" and "really draws one in." I'm disappointed, but at 8000 words I always knew it would be a tough sell. Pity, because I believe it is up there with my best work...

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Fiona Robyn said...

Hi Steven - thank you for linking to Planting Words and good to 'meet' you!