14 Jun 2010

Three Reviews of GUD (with a side of update)

GUD Magazine #5 continues to receive positive reviews. Here are some links, followed by what each had to say about my contribution, Lost Lying on Your Back:

April 23rd: SFRevu

"This one develops into a real chiller"

May 16th: The Future Fire

"...sharply written, vivid and intense with carefully drawn, believable characterisation"

May 31st: Bibliophile Stalker

"...plain disturbing and powerfully so"

And here's an update on the novel:

Since my last ruminative post, the novel has been coming along at a steady pace. It is currently a little shy of 83k words - the projected length was 90,000 but 95-100k seems probable at the moment. My protagonist's story is close to complete, but I still have a secondary character's story to write, which should consist of several chapters to be inserted at specific points throughout the book. If I sound a little vague it is for two reasons: one, I don't want to give too much away, and, two, I'm not entirely sure myself of the details of these chapters. Although I have always had a general direction and intent, the writing of this book has been one of discovery rather than connecting a series of dots a la detailed outline. Bought that T-shirt, didn't fit. Anyway, I'm still on target for a late June/mid July completion date - everything crossed. Then I'm backing off for 4-6 weeks (which I expect will be a tough ask) to work on some other projects. There's a holiday in early September, after which I will throw myself upon the task of the second draft, to be completed, he types with perhaps foolish optimism, by close of business 2010. This, of course, depends on the amount of revision that will be required. Methinks, much. Still, I can't wait.


Rich said...

I'm glad it's coming together. I'm well interested in your process, particularly the fact you didn't use a tight deadline.

btw, I didn't get our email...maybe I typed the address wrong. If you have the time, I'd still like to pick your brains a bit. arthurritus3000@aol.com (or PM yours via critters).

Don't forget: Write the fuck out of the ending!

Steven J. Dines said...

Sent you another email, Rich. As for a deadline, I didn't set one until earlier this year. If you recall, I basically told myself that if I didn't finish the book by September then I had to jack this in for good. Some part of me must've paid attention because I've been working on this project ever since.

And yeah, the ending? I'm trying, my friend. I'm trying.

Ian said...

I'm in awe of both of you. Happy endings!