22 Jul 2010

DONE...for now.

So it's done.

The first draft of my novel - title yet to be decided – is now officially finished.

The first word of chapter one was written on 12th Feb 2007 and the last word of chapter twenty-seven was written this evening, July 22, 2010. Total word count: 89720. The only other thing I want to say at this point is:



Moving on.

What is next?

I've been giving this some thought over the last few days.

There is draft two, of course, which is when I'll find out if this thing is really any good or not. I'm setting a start date of October 1st. That gives me some breathing space to work on other projects (and forget about this one).

So, taking what I have learned, I'm going to work on The Black Tree, now novel number two. It's a a project I foolishly abandoned some years ago after writing approx. 8000 words. I'll get all the prep work out of the way for a fresh start as soon as I've got the first novel as good as I can get it. I'm hoping early next year.

While I'm working on that I also want to revisit The Things That Get You Through, my lengthy short story/novella about grief.

I want to write something brand new too.

I start on Saturday morning.



Barry Napier said...

Congrats and bet of luck in finding a home for it.

I ave far too many projects going on at once...it's been a hell of a long time since I was able to write "The End"...

Sophie Playle said...

Yay! Congrats!

So, any tips?

Aaron Polson said...

Whew. Feels good, I hope. Let it rest a bit. Let your brain rest, too.

Rich said...

Well done mate. It must be an awesome feeling. They say it takes six or seven before you get published ;)

Steven J. Dines said...

Thanks, folks.

Sophie - no tips, I've still got many more drafts to write. Maybe one - keep writing through all your doubts.

Rich - Cheers mate, I sincerely hope not!

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, Steven. I've been quietly waiting for this announcement. Very glad to hear it. Going by the wordcount math I've managed about 45,000 words since January so there's hope I can get the rest done by the end of the year -- and then I'll join you in that elated space. Great job!

Steven J. Dines said...

Thanks Robin. Very much appreciated. It looks pretty promising for you, so keep hitting those keys, girl. Hope you're well.